The Hungry Traveler is absolutely delighted to welcome all travel and food lovers in our brand new food market in Leuven. We thrive on traveling the world to learn more about international cuisine, to discover original flavors and to create unique experiences for our guests. Our dream is to share authentic food stories around the world and inspire a community of hungry travelers to come together for a mutual love of international food.


We are excited to invite you in Food Central and we hope to inspire you to become part of our journey.

We celebrate a philosophy of real food. Our culinary team hand-picks only the freshest ingredients and carefully crafted recipes to produce a menu to delight all palates. You won’t just find a little bit of everything.You’ll find a lot of everything. Every dish is created with its own personality and taste profile. You’ll have plenty of options to find your favourite meal or to discover unexpected flavours in our diverse and constantly changing menu. It’s the perfect spot for all your food cravings. Everyone is welcome and will find something to their liking.
If you care about what you eat and where it comes from, we are here to feed your curiosity too. There are a whole set of experiences and things to learn about the history, traditions, the people, the culture and the environment that go beyond just tasting food. Our bond with food is a universal language, because no matter where you come from, food is always a part of your history. We strive to be the preferred destination for foodies to discover authentic dishes inspired by countries from all over the globe. It’s a culinary experience that’s out of this world.
We are all about good food, good vibes and a friendly atmosphere. Every meal is a chance to enjoy a fusion of flavours in a relaxed yet vibrant food station, filled with fun and laughter. By providing a high-quality social eating and drinking experience, we aim to harness the power of food to build connections between people, whatever their geographic and cultural background. We welcome different communities to come together and share food, friendship and culture. Food Central isn’t just an unparalleled destination for great food, drinks, and fun. It’s also the ultimate gathering place for hungry travelers.


Food Central is a 320 square meter modern venue, complemented by high windows and plenty of natural light to accommodate both a lively daytime setting and a cosy dining experience. Not only will the food fascinate you, but with our interior we also ensure that you have the feeling of traveling through the countries. We have created a train station to host the different food destinations. It’s an ideal way to travel from place to place, to track through beautiful landscapes, to meet people and to discover cultures. Combine the above mentioned with our amazing cocktail bar and our stunning kitchen design and you’ve got yourself an unforgettable experience.


The kitchens are fully open and visible to everyone, we have nothing to hide. On the contrary, we encourage you to take a peek inside and see the passion and story behind each kitchen through your own eyes.


We pride ourselves on being a friendly, inclusive environment for groups of all shapes and sizes. Our open seating plan makes it accessible for people to sit anywhere and order whatever they want. You can sit and socialize, network and get to know other travelers and foodies.It’s a great place to meet old friends and make some new ones too


You can come here to chill and treat yourself with refreshing cocktails, ice cold beers or homemade drinks. An ideal place to go with friends or colleagues to enjoy a drink and to take part in one of the many events taking place.


At Food Central, you can explore international and authentic food in a high-quality social eating experience. You will find a wide range of different food and drink stalls, inspired by our trips to Vietnam, Hawaii, Spain, Hong Kong, New York and Australia, all under one roof.


Let us take you on a journey around the world to taste different cultures and faraway lands without ever leaving the table.


We have brought together a variety of options to ensure you are spoiled for choice throughout the week. From Tuesday to Saturday, we are serving breakfast, lunch and dinner plus everything in between. You and your friends can get whatever you want, whenever you want.


Just pick your favorite country to enjoy your brunch, Lunch and Dinner.



Food Central is located in the very heart of the bustling city of Leuven. It is known for being the mecca of books and home to the world’s largest beer brewer and Europe’s oldest universities. Visitors coming from outside of the city can easily make it a day trip to Leuven, where they can combine tasting all the delicious cuisines in Food Central and exploring the historical city of Leuven.